I am old enough and I will play till 40 : Mary Kom

Indian boxer Mary Kom has said that she is still old enough for boxing and will continue to play until she turns 40. She arrived in India on Saturday after a defeat at the Tokyo Olympics. There was speculation that she would say goodbye to boxing when she lands at the airport. Her answer came as a response to the media questions.

Boxer Mary Kom at Tokyo Olympics

‘It is very sad to come back to the country without bringing anything. Thought I would come with a medal. The whole country supported me. The manner in which the judges acted in the prequarters was not correct. I won the first two rounds. How can I lose? I apologize to the country once again, “said Mary Kom.

Speaking about the jersey controversy, she said, “Before the bout, the authorities came to me and said, ‘You should not wear your own jersey.’ I was wearing the same jersey in the first match. Then no one objected. They have to say in advance that they will check our kit. That’s mental anxiety. How can they say this only to us? “Why do we have rules that other countries do not have?”

Mary Kom, 38, lost to Rio Olympics bronze medalist winner Ingrit Valencia (Colombia) in a thrilling battle in the latest Tokyo Olympics pre-quarters. She moved around well and dominated the opponent in the bout, but in the end Mary was left defeated.