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Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson To Donate For Coronavirus Plasma Therapy

tom hanks-rita wilson-to-donate-blood-for-coronavirus-plasma-therapy

Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, who has recovered from coronavirus disease, have announced they are ready to donate their plasma. They said they would give their blood to prevent and treat the coronavirus by plasma therapy. They were in Australia last month when they were infected with the deadly virus that has been announced a pandemic by the WHO.

The Hollywood star couple remained in quarantine for 14 days and got treated for the coronavirus. After they recovered from the disease and tested negative, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, left to Los Angeles on a special flight from Australia. Tom Hanks said he wanted to do something to help with vaccine research and finally came to a decision to donate their blood for plasma therapy.

Tom Hanks joked that he would be happy if the vaccine was named “Hank-ccine”. Rita Wilson said she was not sure where and how they contracted the virus. She revealed that they have been treated well in Australia. Researchers are already working on a vaccine that can be used to treat corona. However, these are still under investigation.