US Air Force Plane Crashed In Afghan Today Not Passenger Flight

The latest update about the Afghanistan plane crash prove that the news is only partially true. There was indeed a plane crash but it is a US military plane Bombardier E-11A which belongs to the US airforce. This is a surveillance plane which keeps check on the ground from the sky and they usually carry only few crew members. It is not clear how many are dead and how the accident happened. The US officials did not release any confirmation but reports indicate that they are investigating the plane accident.

New videos emerged on the social media show the scene from the incident.

Earlier news report as below:

In an unfortunate incident 83 people are killed today in a plane crash in Afghanistan. The reason for the accident and the exact number of deaths are currently not known. The plane is reportedly flying from Herat to Ghazni. The Boeing 737-400 is reportedly crashed in the mountain areas controlled by the Taliban in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

More clarity is awaited on the today’s Afghan flight accident. Earlier the news were spread that this is Afghanistan Government owned Ariana Airlines plane but the officials denied these as rumors and posted a message on the twitter.

However many users have posted Afghanistan plane accident photos on social media. We can clearly see the smoke from the accident site.

As the area of Afghan plane crash is in the mountains and is in Taliban control the government is planning to send the armed forces to handle rescue operations.