Did Saudi MBS Hack Amazon Jeff Bezos Phone With WhatsApp ?

The United Nations report released on Wednesday confirm that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mobile phone is hacked by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) just by sending a WhatsApp message in 2018.

It is really shocking to find out that even Jeff Bezos the richest person in the world is not safe from hacking and tech vulnerabilities. MBS and Jeff Bezos had a dinner together in Los Angeles and they exchanged phone numbers and messages at that time and now doubts are that it is a pre planned arrangement.

In Feb 2019 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos accused a tabloid National Enquirer of extortion and blackmail by threatening to leak his private photos and messages. He openly posted this information on a medium blog. To investigate the hacking saga Jeff Bezos hired a team from FTI Consulting. The private investigation team confirmed that they are confident that a Whatsapp video message sent by Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Jeff is the reason for hacking.

Reports confirm that large amount of data from Jeff Bezos mobile phone was stolen in just few hours after the hackers gained access through a video file sent by MBS. In March 2019 Amazon CEO’s security chief De Becker claimed that Saudi Government has access to Jeff’s phone and it stolen the data from it.

So now the information is out that Mohammed bin Salman is behind the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos phone hack and leaking of personal messages and photos, we have to wait and see whether the incident is politically motivated or a business espionage and the reactions from all the included parties