Houston Explosion Caused Due To Blast In A Factory

USA: Houston in Texas State is rocked by huge explosion today morning at 4:25am. The size of the blast was so huge that it is heard all over the city and many house windows and glasses are broken because of the intensity. In the latest update about the Houston update 2 persons are confirmed dead. It is not clear at this time whether those 2 worked at accident site.

Police confirmed that the Houston explosion caused at factory which makes valves at 4500 Gessner Rd, Houston. Police are yet to confirm the details of the injured people. Many morning walkers have seen the sky lighting up with the fire and debris falling from the sky.

One of the local residents surveillance camera shot the video of the explosion, which eventually fell on the ground because of the huge effect of the blast.

Gary, one of the residents of Houston who heard the blast and saw fire erupting from his home which is 15 miles from the accident location feels terrified as he felt it like a big earthquake. Many people expressed their feelings on the twitter.

Some even said they woke up to the sound of the explosion.

Meanwhile the police released a message on twitter on the Houston explosion at the factory. Requested the residents to avoid nearby roads.

Many people are sharing the radar images showing intensity of the blast.