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Hungry Pigs Eat Their Owner In Poland

In a strange and shocking incident in Poland the hungry pigs at their owner Mr Krzysztof. The incident came to light now after the farmer disappeared from December 31. Now the 12 pigs are the suspects in this horrific incident.

The astonishing incident came to light in Osik, Poland. A 71-year-old farmer named Krzysztof is living alone and raising the pigs in his yard. His neighbours first discovered bones and skull in the garden and determined that it is of the old farmer. The police arrived in to investigate and found only some bones and parts of the skull are remained.

The neighbours said Krzysztof , who was always intoxicated goes to the well near the house for water. At that point he might have got heart attack or the hungry pigs might have overpowered. It is not clear yet how the incident happened.

The police found that he was raising about 12 pigs of the Hungarian Mangalica breed which are huge in size and now neighbours are fearing to go anywhere near them. The police have registered a case and are investigating. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the death of Polish farmer.