Iran Admits It Shot Down the Ukraine Plane

Iran has admitted that it shot down the Ukraine flight PS752 unintentionally

In a shocking revelation the Iran has admitted that it has shot down the Ukraine aeroplane un intentionally.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) took off from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport on January 8, 2020 enroute Tehran to Kiev. It was carrying 176 passengers including the crew. Unfortunately shortly after takeoff the flight fell on the ground and all the passengers were killed.

Earlier Ukrainian authorities claimed that technical failure caused the Ukraine plane accident and later in a U turn they said we do not know the exact reason for the incident and probing it. Meanwhile Iran has denied any wrongdoing from their side. There were doubts on Iran because of the current tensions between the US and Iran. Many international agencies have pointed fingers at Iran for the Ukraine flight accident, which the country denied.

But the saturday morning official statement from the Iran military on Press Tv admitted that it has unintentionally shot down Ukrainian plane. It also said that the plane flew close to a sensitive military site. It pointed out the high level of defence readiness to fend any threat from the United States as one of the reason for this mistake.

Meanwhile the Iran president Hassan Rouhani offered his apologies and condolences on twitter for the shooting down the Ukraine plane.

Hassan Rouhani also confirmed that missiles are fired on the Ukraine plane because of human error and internal enquiry is done on the issue and the people responsible for this grave mistake will be prosecuted.

Iran shot down ukraine flight revelation has come as a shocker to Ukraine, other countries and for the relatives of killed passengers. The events after the death of Iran Major General Qasem Soleimani in a missile attack by USA have heightened the tensions in the Middle East.