London Police To Put Facial Recognition Cameras On The Streets

In a bid to stop the increasing crimes the Metropolitan Police has decided to install live facial recognition cameras on the London streets. The residents are happy with this news as the chances of the crime suspects getting caught will increase significantly.

london police to use facial recognition cameras

In the test cases done by the officials the facial recognition cameras identified 70 percent of the suspects and only triggered one false alert for 1000 cases. The police department is planning to bring these facial identification surveillance cameras into action in one month.

The senior police officer Nick Ephgrave said Met has the duty to save people and use new technologies for better results and said that public supported the facial recognition cameras.

Privacy protectionists who are campaigning against installation of facial recognition cameras can relax as the cameras will be labelled to identify them. Also the police will share the leaflets informing about the cameras.

However the locals of London support the move because astonishingly the data shows only 1 suspect is charged for 14 reported crimes and the cases that are being solved are at all time lowest. In 2019 robberies and knife crime increased by 12 percent and 7 percent respectively. The modernization of police force and use of the latest technologies like facial recognition and others only will help in curb the crime and will keep people safe.

Only thing Governments need to do is that the advanced technologies didn’t fall into the wrong hands.