Lufthansa Germany India flights cancelled till October 20

Flights between Germany and India are cancelled as per the announcement from Germany. As the Indian officials have rejected our flight plans we had to take this decision announced German Air carrier Lufthansa.

As part of the air bubble special flights are permitted till end of September but Lufthansa Airlines has requested India to continue the special flights. The proposal is rejected by the Indian Government. In retaliation the German stopped all the Lufthansa flights between Germany and India from September 30 till October 20 citing the increasing number of Covid19 cases and huge gap in the cases is an impediment in the air bubble.

DGCA Comments on Lufthansa issue

Responding to the situation Directorate General of Civil Aviation said there are some obstacles in Air Bubble agreement with Germany. Due to the restrictions on Indians flying to Germany, India could only fly 3 or 4 flights in a week but Germany is flying around 20 flights a week to India. Now as per DGCA India permitted 7 flights a week but Germany rejected the proposal. As per the officials discussions are happening to resolve this matter.

Air Bubble is a mechanism that eases the flight restrictions on national carriers between agreed countries to transport people amid the Covid19.

India currently has agreements with 13 countries, including the United States, Britain, the UAE, the Maldives, France, Germany, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan. Negotiations are underway with more other countries to set this up as well.