Bull Rescued From A Borewell In India Using JCB

In an astonishing incident a big size bull was successfully rescued from a borewell hole in India on January 22. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh State shocked everyone and people are happy that the animal was taken out from the hole with only minor injuries.

The incident happened in the Baraut area of Baghpat district in UP, India. The bull which is looking strong enough fell into a 30 ft deep open borewell in the darkness of night. No one noticed it at that time, but in the morning as the animal was mooing people heard the sounds and found the animal in the borewell. Soon the official authorities were informed about the accident.

The bull rescue operations were started by using a crane and a JCB. One of the team members went down and tied a rope around the animal. And with that help the bull is pulled out of the borewell using a JCB successfully.

The animal looked in healthy condition after pulling out but a medic team treated it for the minor injuries.