Madhya Pradesh Call Center Employee Shocked by Rs 3.5 Crores Notice

In a surprising incident a call center employee got penalty notice of Rs 3.5 crore from the Income Tax department. Ravi Gupta is a native of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh and he works at a BPO in Punjab.

To his shock he has received a notice from the IT department to pay Rs 3.5 crores for doing transactions worth Rs 132 crores for the year 2011-12. This comes as a surprise to Ravi Gupta who earns not more than Rs 30000 monthly.

He informed the IT officials about the penalty and asked them to probe the incident but as he did not get a early response. Ravi Gupta probed the details himself and shocked to find that his PAN card is used to open an account and to do transactions by a Surat based diamond company. He said he do not know who are the people behind it.

Now he is worried as the IT department stated in the notices if he fails to pay Rs 3.5 crores by due date January 17 they would foreclose on the house which he had purchased through a loan.