Do You Know Cows Talk To Each Other Like Humans ?

A new study published in Scientific Reports revealed that cows talk to each other like we humans do. The lead researcher Alexandra Green with other researchers did a study on Holstein Friesian cattle breed cows and discovered that these animals can communicate among themselves about food and other details by using their distinctive moo sounds.

She along with the other researchers took vocal samples from 333 cows and analyzed them acoustic analysis program softwares. The team found that the cows communicated their various emotions, engagement, arousal and excitement through their moo voices with the other cows.

The interesting thing Alexandra Green and her team found out is that cows are social animals and love to live in herds. They are affected badly when they are separated from their mothers at an early age. They learn things efficiently when they are with their fellow cows.

The study concludes that cows are emotional creatures and they assert their individual identity throughout their life.