Google Stadia on Non Pixel Android Phones Under Testing ?

In a rather good news to Google Stadia buyers the company is testing the games on the non pixel Android phones. The reports from the Stadia users confirm these claims. As of now Google Stadia games can be played on Pixel based mobile phones, TV’s, tablets and laptops powered by Chrome OS.

From the last few weeks some users who logged into the stadia app on the non pixel phones had the play option to choose “This screen” to play the stadia supported games. But they were able to play only for that session and then the “This screen” button disappears. So with this exclusive information we can conclude that Google is seeing how the game works on non pixel phones.

Extending Google Stadia support to as many devices as possible will help to increase the sales of the gaming controller which is launched in November 2019 in many countries. Stadia is yet to be launched in India and there is no official confirmation from the company. As it is a cloud based gaming which is directly streamed on the television with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second needs high speed internet with a minimum recommended speed of 10Mbps and for the best experience you would need 35 Mbps. Many internet providers offer these speeds but the prices are on the higher side with data limits. This is the biggest hurdle for the cloud based streaming games in India.

We are waiting for any official confirmation from Google about Stadia support for non pixel devices.