Microsoft Edge Web Browser Based On Chromium Is Ready To Download

Microsoft has launched Edge Web Browser which is built on Chromium. Interestingly the world’s most used browser Google Chrome is also made using the same platform. It means we will get to see many features in Edge Chromium browser that are like in the Chrome.

Currently Microsoft has released the new Edge browser for macOS, Android and Windows. If you are already using previous version of Microsoft Edge on Android or macOS the system will upgrade it automatically. You can also sync your Gmail with the new browser.

You can download Microsoft Edge Chromium browser from their official website. If you do not wish to do it manually, it will be updated automatically at the time of your OS update.

Currently the Chrome dominates the browser industry and with the launch of new Edge browser that is built on the same platform will give the users more options. The success of the new Microsoft browser will also help its search engine Bing with the new users.