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Facebook Campaign Saves Dying Hungry Lions in Zoo

The lions at Al-Qureshi Park in Sudan capital city of Khartoum are in very terrible conditions. The African lions are starving without proper food from weeks. Some of the lions lost two thirds of their body weight.

The photos showing the condition of the Sudan lions have emerged on the internet and they are unspeakable.

The Zoo owners are struggling to feed them because of funds problem. The employees say they sometimes buy food for the animals from their salaries.

Osman Salih one of the Sudanese animal enthusiast visited the Zoo and saw the horrific condition of the starving animals and soon started #Sudananimalrescue campaign on the facebook. It got attention on the media and several people came to rescue the animals offering food and medication.

After the treatment the condition of the animals is good now and they are provided with minced meat.

African Lions are in the endangered species list and several wildlife agencies are worried about their condition. The Four Paws global animal welfare organisation is sending an emergency rescue to rehabilitate the animals not only at Qurashi zoo but other parks in Sudan and to train the staff at wildlife parks.

Shockingly the African Lion population is reduced by 43 percent from 1993 to 2014. Now there are only 20000 animals alive.