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Top 10 Wild Animals In India

India is a country with huge forest area that is home to many wild animals, reptiles and birds. About 21 percent of the Indian land is covered by green and dry forests that provide shelter and food to the wildlife.

India is home to many wild animals like the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinos, Black Buck, Asiatic Lions, Indian Elephants and reptiles like the poisonous Indian cobra.

The are many wild animals in India out there in the forests and here we have listed the top 10 Indian wild animals.

Bengal Tiger


It is the national animal of India. It is found in Indian and Bangladesh sub continents. These are powerful hunters that wait patiently on the trees and behind the grass for its prey. Bengal tigers are in the endangered animals list. According to WWF data there are currently 2226 tigers in India.

Indian Elephant


The Indian Elephant is the subspecies of the Asian Elephant. It is also an endangered animal. We can see elephants in many Indian states. In states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu these are often used in festival processions. Due to rapid deforestation elephants come into the villages and damage the crops.

Indian Rhino


The mighty Indian Rhinoceros is famously called as one horn Rhino. It is an herbivorous animal and a fully grown rhino weighs about 2 tons. They are primarily seen in India and Nepal. Kaziranga National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam has huge number of one horn rhinos.

Black Buck


Indian antelope is the other name for the Black Buck. An adult male buck has spiraling horns which makes them a beautiful animal to see. Their population from has declined dramatically in the years. But their numbers is now slowly increasing in the protected areas like Gundy National Park, Vallanadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Haryana and parts of Rajasthan. Women from Bishnoi community in Rajasthan state feed their milk to the baby black bucks as they worship them.

Asiatic Lion

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Apart from Africa lions there exists small percentage of Asiatic lions in the Gir forest region in India. They both belong to the same species and weigh about 130 to 230 kgs. Female lions do the hunting. The Asiatic lions are in endangered animal list and they are now protected in the reserve forests.

Indian Leopard


India Leopard is one of the top wild animals in India. These predators have black patterned spots on the yellowish and white skin. Leopards have strong legs, small ears and very sharp yellowish grey eyes. It is know to climb the trees and resting on it. They move around the forest areas and in the wild life sanctuaries in India.

Indian Wild Ass


This Indian wild ass is also called as Khur. Their population is now significantly increasing by the constant effort of Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary located in Gujarat state. They feed on the grass, plants and any vegetation.



Gaur is the local name of the Indian Bison. The fiery looking animal weighs about 800 kgs and some of them are 7 ft high. Undoubteldly these are the wildest looking animals in India. They are in the endangered list and now they are protected at the wildlife reserve forests like Nagarhole National Park , Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar National Park.

King Cobra


This is one of the top venomous snakes in the world. They live in the plains and forests of India. Some King Cobras can grow 18 ft in height and their venom can kill about 20 people. They feed on other small creatures like frogs, lizards, eggs and other venomous snakes also.

Wild Water Buffalo

wild-water-buffalo-top 10-indian wild-animals

This wild forest animal is also called Asiatic buffalo. The major percentage of Wild Water Buffalo are in Assam.